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What is LuaEdit?

LuaEdit is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), debugger and editor of Lua scripts. It can be used to debug scripts running within your application(s) or simply debug standalone scripts. You can also use it to edit your scripts and validate their syntax as you edit them.

LuaEdit was one of the very first Lua debuggers and has been in development since 2004, at a time when no such debugger was available. It is also one of the most diverse and professional free Lua debuggers.

How do I remote debug my application using LuaEdit 2010?

Remote debugging your application using LuaEdit 2010 is a piece of cake! You only need 3 lines of code in order to initialize/uninitialize LuaEdit's remote debugger inside your application. The following example shows how to start LuaEdit's remote debugger on port 22001 using a lua_State* stored in a variable called "L":

C++ and C#:
StartLuaEditRemoteDebugger(22001, L);
The two functions are declared in "RemoteDebugger.hpp" for C++ or "LuaEditRemoteDebugger.cs" for C# in "[Program Files]\LuaEdit 2010\include" where "[Program Files]" corresponds to your computer's Program Files folder path. You will also find both static and dynamic link libraries in "[Program Files]\LuaEdit 2010\lib" for linking your application properly in C++.

Once your application is built with these 3 lines of code, start an instance of LuaEdit 2010 and select the "Debug/Attach to Machine..." menu, or use the Ctrl+Alt+P keyboard shortcut. Specify or browse the machine's name/IP in the "Attach to Machine" dialog on which your application is running, as well as the port number you supplied when calling the StartLuaEditRemoteDebugger function.

You should now be in a remote debugging session with your application.

Can LuaEdit 2010 remote debug my games on PS3/X360?

No. Currrently, LuaEdit's remote debugger uses Win32 Winsock APIs for TCP/IP communication between LuaEdit 2010 and the remote debugger, but it would not take much time to convert to XDK or PS3 SDK.

What version of Lua does LuaEdit 2010 support?

As of version 3.0.6, LuaEdit 2010 supports both Lua 5.1.4 and Lua 5.2 and could work with any 5.1.X version of Lua. If you have modifed Lua's code, most of LuaEdit's debugging features should still work, unless you have majorly changed the way the Lua Debug and Core APIs work. Keep in mind that while Lua's overall integrety and functionality remains the same, LuaEdit 2010 has slightly modified Lua's code to allow for advanced features such as "Set Next Statement" and "Edit And Continue".

I am not familiar with LuaEdit 2010. Are there any samples?

Yes, LuaEdit 2010 comes with a folder of samples. Just browse the "[Program Files]\LuaEdit 2010\Samples" folder for more details.

I would like to contribute to LuaEdit's development. How can I do so?

There are many ways that you can contribute to LuaEdit's development. One way to do so is by making a donation. The team will eventually need to develop LuaEdit 2010 using a newer version of Visual Studio to support the upcoming Windows 7 platform.

You can also give feedback about your experience using LuaEdit 2010, report bugs and submit feature requests on our project page.

Since it is an open source project, if you are a developer, you can make a major contribution by participating in the development of LuaEdit. See our Join Us section for more details.